And why should you care? Well, I'll tell you! My name, as you probably know by now, is Nigel Hendrickson. I was born in the island resort of Bermuda - but that's not why you should care. You should care because I've had a love for art in general, illustration and animation in particular since pretty much the beginning.

I studied at Parsons School of Design in NYC, graduating in '85 with a BFA in illustration.

I spent approximately the next ten years doing traditional graphic design and illustration for a variety of clients in the advertising, publishing, packaging and textile industries. In the early '90s a good friend of mine, Alex Fidelibus (www.fidelibus.com) and I decided to go into business together and launched 'Jazz Graphics'. Specializing in print and textile design on the Macintosh. Wanting to branch out into multimedia and website design, we decided to join forces with 2 other partners and became 'Braincraft Interactive Group'.

For the next four years, we ran the gamut of interactive multimedia, producing CD and floppy based presentations and sales aids, websites and online campaigns for a variety of clients large and small. Quite a lot of my gallery, not surprisingly, is made up of works from this period.

Since then, I have been plying my trade as a web designer at a company called PetPlanet.com along with freelancing in various areas from web deign and animation, to video editing, 3D amination and visual efects. If any of this can be of any help to you, or you'd like to see my demo reel, then please don't hesitate to drop me a line at nigelh@bellatlantic.net.